Pizza made out of Cauliflower??!!!

In the spirit of trying to eat healthy in January I though I would give this pizza a go for lunch, the pizza base is made out of cauliflower! I was very dubious but this recipe is a keeper! Mine probably wasn’t quite crispy enough but I will get it right on my next attempt.




Cauliflower Pizza Base

1 Cauliflower
100g Ground almonds (although I used about 50 as I was cutting calories)
2 beaten eggs
Dried Oregano

Remove the stalks and cut the cauliflower into chucks and blitz in a food processor so that the cauliflower resembles cous cous ( this is also something I need to try….)

Put in a microwavable bowl and cover with cling film and microwave for 5/6 minutes.

Pour onto a clean tea towel and cool – then squeeze inside the towel to remove as much excess moisture as you can.

Put back in a bowl with the egg, almond, pinch of salt and oregano and stir up until it looks like a dough.

I used the bottom of a large cake tin to spread my mixture onto, using a piece of baking parchment cut to size will help when the pizza is done. Spread it evenly and pat down leaving it slightly thicker at the edges to make a “crust”

Bake at 200/180 fan gas mark 6 for 15 – 20 minutes until it is starting to crisp at the edges. Take it out and let it cool.


When it is cool spread the base with tomato puree and top with whatever pizza toppings you fancy and sprinkle with cheese and herbs! I am sure everyone knows what to put on a pizza but here are some topping ideas for inspiration..

parma ham, fig and blue cheese

Cajun chicken with roasted peppers and sweetcorn with a BBQ sauce base

Shredded duck with a hoi sin sauce base toppped with leek and spring onion.

Feta, charred aubergine, olives and sundried tomato.

You could also add some parmesan into your base for a cheesier taste or chill powder for a spicy pizza.

The list is endless.

I would recommend making up a large batch of this mix to freeze as it is quite time consuming but if you have balls of “dough” or even bases in your freezer you can make a quick healthy pizza any time you fancy!

I am no calories expert but the base is probably around 150 – 200 calories if that.. so it all depends on your toppings.


Now what else can I make out of cauliflower…………….




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