The Restaurant – Ribby Hall.

I spent a weekend at Ribby Hall last weekend with friends and LOTS of children. Before we went I thought that we should pre order a meal at the restaurant on site. With there being 17 of us it could have easily descended into chaos. We chose from a set menu that was £19 for 2 courses or £23 for 3 and at that price you don’t really have massive expectations.

Ribby Hall is a Holiday Village which caters mainly for kids, you really wouldn’t expect to find high quality dining there, well I wouldn’t!

I was wrong!

We were given a pretty private corner of the restaurant which was great for us and also good for the other diners, and our starters appeared almost immediately. With hindsight I would have pre ordered some drinks too!

I ordered the Goats cheese which was very nice, it came with a beetroot chutney and beetroot sauce and crusty strips of bread. A very nicely presented and tasty dish and quite light too which was good for the “January Diet”  The cocktail that I washed it down with was not so good for the diet!

Sailor jerry, gingerbread syrup, brown sugar, angostura, lemon, Lemonade.


Whipped Goats cheese, Beetroot gel and salsa, ciabatta crisp and garden leaves.

Next were the main courses, I had originally ordreded a slow cooked shin of beef but changed my mid due to “the diet” so was getting serious food envy as I saw people being presented with beef that looked like it would just fall apart if you looked at it on creamy mashed potato, unfortunately I did not get a photo of this dish but I tasted it.. It tasted as good as it sounds!

So, back to the cod, after my intial dissapointment of seeing the beef dish I was presented with;

Pan Fried Cod Loin with Tomato, chorizo and bean stew, baby spinach, parmentier potatoes and I cheered right back up again! A lovely looking plate of food again with a fat piece of cod with crispy skin sat on top of a tasty looking stew. The cod was cooked perfectly with the flakes just sliding away when you put in your fork, crispy and well seasoned skin on top (and I don’t usually eat fish skin!) and a smoky tasting stew of beans with chorizo underneath. I was very happy with my decision in the end.


When I made the order I omitted a dessert for myself.. for the reasons previoulsy stated 😉 but quickly changed my mind after seeing the quality of food that was being presented. I  am not a chocolately dessert person really and although I love a good sticky toffee pudding, which it was as I tasted someone elses! I prefer something fruity and light at the end of a large meal. I chose the Coconut Pannacotta with Caramelised rum pineapple, pina colada sorbet. My dessert arrived amongst a sea of sticky toffee puddings and I knew I had made the right choice once again!


I washed this down with another cocktail..

Manhattan -Scotch, rye or bourbon whiskey, angostura bitters, sweet vermouth,orange

and by then thoughts of diets were out of the window.

The bill came to around 60 pounds (food only) for a family of 4 with 2 kids. Which for this quality of food is not bad at all. The kids meals were also very good, my daughter had the best mashed potato I have ever tasted on her bangers and mash.

Meal was quick, no mistakes on the food front and the kids stayed in their seats the whole time!

Then it was time to tackle the family disco….

This is not just a restaurant to visit if you are staying at Ribby Hall, if you live near enough you should make the trip because I don’t think you will be dissapointed.

Oh and I forgot to mention that it was also happy hour 😉

Click to access market-menu.pdf

Click to access cocktail-menu.pdf



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