Asian Feast!

Back off holiday after a week without my kitchen I decided to make Valentines night a date with my kitchen! I choose some recipes that I have been wanting to try for a while from my cooking mags plus a couple of experiments of my own based on food I have had from the takeaway.

Tonight’s menu is..

Hot and sour soup with King Prawns
Salt and Pepper Mushrooms
Miso Roasted Aubergine
Malay Sambal Oelek Chicken with hot sweet dipping sauce
Pork with Sezchuan Chilli Sauce.

I wouldn’t serve all these together at a dinner party though as it would be chilli overload, tonight was just about experimenting a few similar dishes. I will do a basic summary here and do each recipe separately.

Malay Sambal Oelek Chicken with hot sweet dipping sauce

This dish is really simple but takes a while to marinade so read the instructions before starting, the sauce that goes with it is really nice and definitely something I will be making again to go with other dishes – really simple to make too but you need to get hold of some “Sriracha chilli sauce” I got mine from the Chinese Supermarket so its not too hard to find. Its a lovely chilli and garlic based sauce from Thailand.


Pork with Sezchuan Chilli Sauce.

This dish was a lot better than I expected it be, especially the sauce. When I was making it i thought it was wrong as my chilli flakes were burning but the burnt taste gives it a nice taste. This is a VERY spicy dish so go easy with the sauce. As you can see I only drizzled a small amount and served the rest on the side so I didn’t blow Mr Gor’s head off! Again I think this is quite a simple dish if you have a good store cupboard.

If anyone need Szechuan peppercorns come and see me I have a hell of a lot!


Miso Roasted Aubergine

I like my vegetables and the aubergine is one of my firm favourites. One of the dishes I always order when I go to a Szechuan Chinese restaurant is “Sichuan Style Spicy Steamed Aubergine” so when I saw recipe in my latest Good Food magazine I immediately folded the page over! It takes some time to make this one and needs looking after and it needs miso paste which is quite tricky to find but again a Chinese supermarket will stock it. Easy preparation but needs over an hour to cook.


Salt and Pepper Mushrooms

This is one of our favourite dishes to order form the Chinese takeaway, a lot of you might be thinking yuk now as you don’t like mushrooms but if so just substitute them for prawns – I didn’t want to do prawns as I was using them in my soup. I made this recipe up by trying to recreate the flavours of a takeaway dish and I think it worked really well. Very simple too.


Hot and sour soup with King Prawns

This was the big surprise of the night! Mr Gor loved it. I had intended to make a wonton soup but that’s going to have to come another time as I was out of Gyoza wrappers. I looked around on google for a good recipe and followed the basic principles of this one – but added a few things of my own and left out the things I didn’t have. It still resulted in a really tasty hot and sour soup that I will definitely be making again. Surprisingly low fat too really when you don’t add all the gloop that they do in the takeaways.



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