Vegetarian Indian Dinner party!

So the menu changed slightly for Friday night, I decided the chickpea salad was a bit boring and when I made the panacottas with vege gelatin powder ( luckily a few days in advance) it was just not the right consistency so got chucked in the bin!

The final menu was

Popadoms with Homemade mango chutney, Yoghurt sauce and sambal sauce
Pea and potato samosas
Hot and sour aubergine
Matar Paneer
Onion rice and Naan

Mango rum and lime syllabub 

Recipes to follow very soon………

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Next weekend I will be hosting a dinner party for lady friends one of which is a vegetarian, so instead of making her the exception we are all going to eat vegetarian! I love a bit of paneer and aubergines are my favourite vegetable so hopefully no one will go away asking where is the meat!

The proposed menu is as follows… but this could be subject to change.

Popadoms with Chutney
Spicy chickpea, potato and beans in tamarind sauce
Hot and sour aubergine with corriander chutney
Matar Paneer
Onion rice and chapatti

Mango lassi panacotta. ( with vegetarian gelatin of course)

I am hopefully going to attempt my first mango chutney and lime pickle if I get time.

Watch this space!!

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