Happy New year!

Its that time again and for the next month my blog is probably going to be full of vegetables and quinoa.. as usual I have the festive half stone to shift.

For Christmas this year I got a new camera and some equipment to make my blog better!  I got books on how to take food photo’s, a variety of different plates, bowls, trays and cloths to create nicer photos. So far all the pictures on the blog have been taken by my phone but now its time to get a bit arty! I also have 2 new cook books that I am waiting to get the chance to look through. ( the photo below was not taken with the new camera!)



So, up at 4am this morning with a toddler with jet lag after a trip to Tokyo for New year so thought I may as well do something productive rather than lie there not being able to sleep, I have eaten some great food in Japan and have picked up a few little tips that I will be incorporating into some recipes soon, although I think I will leave the chicken gizzards with garlic dish in Japan where it belongs!

I also need to find time to write up the Beef Wellington and Ham hock terrine that I made over Christmas..

Obviously I took some pictures of some “interesting” looking food on my holiday, a selection of which is below.


We saw a lot of this on New years day, I did have a try but the octopus was too chewy for me… Maybe with chicken instead it would be nice 😉


Tokes 2016 (388)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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