Dine with Simon Wood

I am very lucky to have a Friday night lined up with Simon Wood – the Masterchef champion 2015! Well not personally – he is just doing the cooking 😉  Along with Shelina, Simon is my fave Masterchef winner and it’s an added bonus that he is local so I actually get to try his food! I am a Masterchef obsessive as many might know but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to have a winner cook for me!

We originally booked tickets for this event last year and it was supposed to be held in November but there were issues with the venue not being ready. We did attend a smaller event though where Simon served some of  his dishes canape style and then answered questions and came round for a chat. He actually is as nice as he came across on Masterchef – it’s not all editing 😉

Expect a full review with photos this weekend!

The menu we have to look forward to.

Dine with Simon Wood

Friday 15th January

Fromage et salade patrimoine

(Heritage Tomato and Curd Salad with Balsamic Pancetta)

Harissa-glazed aubergine with Coconut, Coriander and Peanut

18 hour 82 Degree Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Burnt Apple and



Cod, Ugnen Rostade Torsk – Inspired by Sweden

(Oven Roast Buttered Cod with Sweet and Burnt Leeks and Tar Pickled Fennel)

Hibiscus and Szechuan Belazu Berry Mess

Coffee and Petit Fours


Here are some pictures from the smaller event I attended last year, I will make sure I take a proper camera this time though.





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