The Restaurant, Ribby Hall, January 2016

After a very impressive meal at Ribby hall in January 2015, we decided to go back this year with even more people… I wondered if it would be as good as the first time as expectations were high after the last trip and sometimes expectancy ruins a party!

Review 2015

I booked a “table” in the restaurant for 19 adults and 13 kids and pre ordered and paid for the meals in advance to save any hassle for anyone on the night. We choose from the Market menu which is only £23 for 3 courses – and when you see the quality of the courses you will be amazed! You can’t get 3 courses of mediocre pub grub for that price these days and pub grub this was not! It was very difficult for me to decide which dishes to have but I was very happy with my choices – especially the dessert.

_La_Carte_Menu – Market menu is located on the bottom left.

On arrival at the restaurant after taking AGES to seat ourselves by rearranging high chairs etc I was approached by a waitress to ask if we were ready for our food – still not sure how she knew it was me who had made the booking though?! I got out my printouts of the spreadsheet I had sent with the orders on as someone always forgets what they have ordered but there was no need. As the waiting staff started to bring the plates out they were calling each persons name and knew exactly which dish was for who! ( I wish I had know – I could have had some fun with that!!) Again, very professional as they were last year, no passing pates across people and they remained calm and unflustered whilst trying to serve all the plates correctly.

I ordered the goats cheese starter and was so glad I did!

Scorched Goats Cheese, Beetroot and apple slaw, apple gel, toasted crumpet.



A beautiful looking plate of food arrived which tasted as good as it looked with the sweetness of the beetroot really complimenting the rich goats cheese.  Other starters in the party included;

Thai Fishcake, Kimchi, spiced butternut squash puree, coriander.


Chicken liver Pâté Orange gel, sourdough crostinis, red onion marmalade


All the dishes were well received and I managed to get myself a taste of the paté which was beautifully rich and smooth.

Then the main courses came along with the same efficiency as before, individually called out and nicely presented. I do wish I had taken a photo of the kids meals because even these looked really nice and the gravy that accompanied the kids sausage and mash was stunning!

I had a hard time trying to choose between cod and beef – I choose cod last year but the beef looked great, but in the end I opted for cod again.

My dish arrived looking very appetising with a rich sauce, smoky crispy pancetta and fat piece of cod, I was happy again with my choice, although the chicken also looked great!, and was glad I had not picked one of the stodgier main courses as I was looking forward to my dessert!



The other main courses included;

Butter Roasted Breast of Chicken, fondant potato, chestnut mushroom and garlic cream, leeks and baby spinach.



Sorry this one is a bit dark.. 14HR COOKED SHIN OF BEEF, Mashed potato, carrots, tender stem broccoli, baby onion and port sauce.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste these dishes but hopefully the people who did will comment below (hint hint) and I didn’t get chance to get a photo of the pork as it was eaten too quickly! (Char Grilled Loin of Pork. parsley crushed potatoes, fine beans, crackling popcorn, peppercorn sauce.)

I went to get myself a cocktail at this point and bought one that complimented my dessert perfectly, The best frangipane I have ever had! I loved every mouthful of this moist almondy cake, with delicious ice cream and a chunk of honeycomb on top.

Bramley Apple Frangipane Tart, Amaretto ice cream.


Other desserts included;

Mulled Berry Pannacotta, Sour cherry biscotti.


BELGIAN CHOCOLATE AND NUT BROWNIE, Chocolate sauce, mint choc chip ice cream


WARM STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING, Salted caramel popcorn ice cream.


As you can see the dishes in reality are as good as the photos you see on the website and taste great.

Amazingly there was not one thing wrong on the whole order, requests like ” beans on the side” ” separate gravy” etc for fussy kids were all taken notice of. For the staff and kitchen to achieve this on such a big order with such good quality food is really something, the restaurant was not quiet either there were other quite large parties in there too so goodness knows how they managed it.

If you live nearby or are staying at Ribby hall in the future I 100% recommend that you give it a try – I have only ever ordered form the Market Menu so can’t commnet on the rest but I am sure it is equally good if not better!

I will just reiterate too that this meal cost £23 for 3 courses and there were 19 adults served to these standards. Well done to all the staff in this restaurant, you should be proud.

I shall be booking for January 2017 in the near future so hope they can live up to these last 2 visits!

The restaurant website

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  1. Seeing as though I was the one who wolfed the pork down before Gor took a photo, I should leave a review. The meal was lovely however, and I didn’t leave a scrap of it! The crackling popcorn was particularly tasty though and worth a mention!


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