Tattu Manchester

Since this place opened I have been wanting to check it out but have never got round to it.. and I knew I would need quite a bit of cash for it! This weekend I finally made it but I think my expectations after 14 months of wanting to go were maybe a bit high!

The restaurant itself is great looking and service is impeccable and although we had a great night there were dishes we ordered that would have better at half the price in China town.  I think when expectations are high and prices are high you become very critical! If I’d had this meal somewhere else I would probably rate it a lot higher.

Unfortunatley I couldn’t take any photos; 1 – because I had 2 bottles of wine and forgot and 2 the lighting was very low anyway so they wouldn’t have come out very well.

You can see examples of the food on here though and the dishes did look exactly like the pictures – http://www.tattu.co.uk/galleries/

We love dumplings so ordered a lot of dim sum, then a round of “Small plates” and then 2 main courses, one being a noodle dish.

BEEF AND FOIE GRAS GYOZA £8.00 Teriyaki and soya bean

My husband ordered these and really enjoyed them, I found them a bit rich but that’s just my personal taste.

WAGYU DUMPLING £12.00 Kimchi and spring onion.

This is the dish that brought me here! After having a proper Wagyu steak in Japan I am always on the look out for it but didnt fancy paying the £70 price tag for one at Tattu! I do doubt the vailidity of wagyu products you see these days, expecially those in Aldi but I thought these should be the real deal. The dumplings were lovely and had a nice spicy kick to them but because the meat is steamed and cooked right through it could be any type of beef, so although these were delicious, I do not think they warrant the £12 price tag for 4 small dumplings.

CHICKEN XIAO LONG BAO £7.00 Red Thai curry, lemongrass and lime

This was the best thing we ordered, really light dumplings that tasted of ginger and lemongrass and moist chicken. I could order 2 portions of these next time and be happy!

MIXED DIM SUM BASKET £12.50 Prawn and chive, wagyu dumpling, wasabi scallop, chicken truffle, black cod and prawn.

I can’t really remember which was which if I am perfectly honest but just remember that neither of us liked the chicken truffle dumpling, we took a bite each and then left it as it tasted odd! I think it was just a bit too much though as it had been though a lot of truffle proccesses ( we asked the waitress afterwards what it was) the chicken was also pretty dry and a weird texture. The cod dumpling was lovely though and I would probably order a portion of these next time.

SALT AND PEPPER AUBERGINE (v) £7.00 Chilli, garlic and cherry hoisin

This was one of the most dissapointing for me, I love aubergine and one of my faveourite dishes in Manchester is “Sichuan Style Spicy Steamed Aubergine” from Red and Hot in China town. This dish came with the pices of aubergine covered in batter with the salt and pepper seasoning on top. The batter just provided a barrier to the spicy seasoning though and we ended up pulling the batter off so we could actually taste the aubergine and seasoning. This dish also came with a hoi sin sauce which really would not be needed if the aubergine actually tasted of ” salt and pepper” The sauce was pretty out of place on this dish to be honest and in my opinion shouldn’t be there.

CRISPY PORK BELLY £8.00 Black vinegar, sweet soy and ginger

This was lovely, we actually used the salt and pepper seasoning from the aubergine dish to put on the pork which really worked. Really crispy skin and soft pork – I would order this again.

SOY AND ORANGE BUTTER CHICKEN £15.00 Szechuan salt and lily bulb.

Dissapointing again, I didnt taste any szechian salt in this and the chicken was dry, tasted like breast to me, thigh would have made it so much better!! Would not order this again.

SHITAKE MUSHROOMS AND FRIED TOFU NOODLES (v) £12.00 Chilli bean and sweet oyster sauce.

3 MUSHROOMS in this dish!!!!!  considering it is named after an ingredient you would think there would actually be some in there. It was pleasant enough but as my husband said, I could have made it tastier at home.


Tiny bowl of rice that is dry without much egg in in – Waste of £4.50 really.

So in summary, its a lovely place, service is great and there are a lot of nice things on the menu but I just think they are missing the mark with a lot of the dishes.

The place is always busy and I was lucky to get a table as someone cancelled and you can see that there are a lot of chefs in the open kitchen. I wonder if its all being a bit too rushed? The main courses were served with plates too and therefore very difficult to eat with chopsticks.

I may return but would only order dim sum and small plates I think, we asked for the service charge that had be assumed ( I hate this!!) to be taken off our bill and then handed it in cash to the waitress as she was brilliant.

Total cost with 2 bottles of reasonably price wine and water £ 140.

Food – 7/10

Service – 10/10

Atmosphere – 8/10

Value – 7/10 – the reasonable wine price saved it..


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