Lily’s Vegetarian Restaurant Review.

I don’t often say anything good about Ashton under Lyne, my current home town, but surprisingly it does have a few decent restaurants! I have been to Lily’s a couple of times in its previous life as a cafe attached to the Indian cash and carry where I go for my spices but it was always a struggle to get chance to go as it was very small and only open during the day and the few times I went I dont think I really knew what to order so wasn’t massively impressed enough to make an effort to go back.

I kept seeing reviews and articles raving about how good it was and saw awards being won year on year and thought I must be missing something.

Now it has moved premesis into a proper restaurant with later opening hours it made it much easier for me to go and see what everyone has been raving about. I have read a few reviews since its opening so I arrived tonight armed with a list of dishes I had never heard of, determined to steer clear of anything “usual” and try something new. Thanks to this Manchester Confidential review – half my order was sorted! Review.

You can see from my blog that I am not adverse to meal with no meat and luckily my husband is not one of those ” where is the meat” types so we went with an open mind and came away busting at the seams but very impressed with the food we ate.

I declined the suggestion of popadoms as I knew there were more intersting things to save my stomach space for. We asked for them to just bring the food as and when as we just wanted to try lots of bits and bobs and within 5 minutes our table was FULL of delicious looking food! We chose a mixture of small dishes,  Pea kachori. which was a fried cruispy dumpling filled with spicy peas, a similar dumpling fuilled with spicy lentils and a savory cake which I can’t remember the name of as I was just randomly picking things I didnt recognise! I couldn’t resist ordering the crispy okra which I would probably have to choose everytime I go from now on and as suggested by the afore mentioned review,  the signature chat which was every bit as good as I had expected, it had a samosa hidden under bombay mix, chickpeas, potatoes and yoghurt and was a meal in itself!


I have heard people talk about the ” Sizzler” before so we ordered the signature sizzler which was cassava chips, fried vegetable dumplings and chunks of marinated paneer  topped with slices of green pepper and spring onions. We also tried the Gobi Manchurian, which was my husbands faveourite dish. Fried cauliflower coated in a garlic and chilli sauce – a must for any cauli lover like me!


I also ordered a dish too far – a tomato topped uttapam just because I had heard of these but never tried one! It was served with a coconut sauce and a curry sauce and felt like something inbetween a pancake and a crumpet topped with tomatoes, unusual but very tasty.

Needless to say there is a doggy bag for lunch tomorrow!

I have been intrigued by the Tripti Bhog dessert ever since I read about it so even though I was fit to burst, we ordered one to share and it was beautiful and very indulgent – at only £2.25 a portion too I urge everyone who goes here to give it a try! It is a piece of sponge soaked in syrup with cream and pistachio sprinkled on top.. oh and silver leaf! I can’t really describe it better than that but you just have to try it – it tastes almost ice cream like without the brain freeze. We bought 2 more to take away on the way out! You can just pop into the restaurant at any time and buy a selection of desserts, nuts and cakes from a counter and there is even an ice cream bar.


So in summary – I HAVE been won over and will most definately be back again and will try again to pick some new dishes – apart from the okra which is a definate keeper! I think I had been choosing dishes too similar to what I was used to previously so nothing really stood out.

Book early to avoid dissapointment – it is apparently very busy at weekends and rightly so..and yes – they do serve booze too!

Bill for 2 greedy people with 2 beers and a salted lassi – £50


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