About Me

I am Gor and this is a blog to get all my thoughts of food out of my head into some logical order!

I love food, cooking it, eating it, reading food magazines, cookbooks, watching cooking shows – My husband said to me recently that all I ever talk about is food, so to save my marriage I better stop boring him and find another outlet! ( He isn’t complaining when he is eating it though!)

I am hoping to build up a wide range of recipes on here, from healthy eating and midweek teas to whole dinner party menus and attempts at fine dining. I am not a food snob, one day I might fancy lunch at Manchester house and the next I might fancy a donner kebab on my settee.

This is probably the wrong time of year for me to be starting this blog as I am feeling disgusted with myself about the amount of food I have eaten over Xmas and am already planning the Januray diet in order to be bikini ready for a holiday in february! I will  posting all my healthy eating tips in the next few weeks though so if you want to lose some xmas pounds keep checking back here!

1 thing you should not expect on this blog is recipes for Salmon… the food of the devil! URRGHHHHHHHHHHH




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